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Valla – the demon huntress

            Welcome to a Valla mini-guide, my name is Scairtin, I write articles for League of Legends mostly, but since I climbed so fast in Hots I will start doing them for this game as well. I hope you will enjoy my style of writing and be able to withdraw some useful information from these articles.

            Without further ado, I would like to introduce to you a versatile and flexible ranged damage dealer, Vaala. She has great single-target damage and strong on-demand AoE damage. However, her versatility comes with a price, she is usually the primary focus target by the enemy team, soo being able to position properly as Valla is crucial.


            Strong points:

- high single target damage;

- high AoE damage;

- great poke;

- great waveclear;

- very strong in every single phase of the game;

- versatile/flexible ( can fit in any setup due to the abundance of good talents to pick from ).


            Weak points:

- squishy;

- needs good micro and positioning to get maximum usage of her kit;

- very vulnerable to CC.


            Abilities overview:

1) Passive – amazing passive, separates the good Vallas from bad ones. You should have it at max stacks in teamfights to get maximum usage all the time, if you let it fall off, you need to practice more and maybe take more risks to keep the uptime. Orb-walking will help you keep this up pretty easily, soo try to teach yourself how to orb walk if you can’t do it.

2) Q ( Hungering Arrow ) – Valla launches a fast projectile which looks to connect to an enemy and then seek additional enemies if it hits the something. It usually hits undesirable things like minions, structures, pets if they stand in front of you and your primary target. If you hit it on the same enemy 3 times, it will unleash tremendous amounts of damage, that’s why it’s advised to clear minions before using this to ensure maximum damage.

3) W ( Multishot ) – Valla unleashes a rapid wave of projectiles which do damage in a cone-shaped area. It’s a key ability due to the large AoE it has, the damage it does and the powerful talents to improve it. It can be used to spot stealthed enemies pretty easily aswell due to it’s high range. A talent “Frost Shot” can make this ability godlike and allow you to kite like no tomorrow.

4) E ( Vault ) – her movement ability, it allows you to chase or run from an enemy pretty easily, especially if you the “Frost Shot” talent to slow them while running away. This ability is used most of the time offensively in teamfights to get into a good position for a great ultimate and just to keep the uptime of your passive.

5.1) R ( Strafe ) – attacks nearby visible enemies in quick succession. It’s a semi-channeled ability, you can move and use Vault during it, but CC onto you will end the channel. The 1 minute cooldown makes it a very juicy ultimate, especially considering the amount of damage it does.

5.2) R ( Rain of Vengeance ) – Valla unleashes two delayed waves which stun and do a lot of damage to all enemies. It is best to be picked when you have some sort of CC to pair it up with for lots of AoE damage wombo-combos.


valla guide


Talent build: ( if certain talents aren’t mentioned, it means they’re bad and no point in picking them )

Level 1 – Rancor > Siphoning Arrow

Level 4 – Manticore > Puncturing Arrow

Level 7 – Searing Attacks > Repeating Arrow

Level 10 – Strafe / Rain of Vengeance

Level 13 – Frost Shot > Giant Killer / Spell Shield

Level 16 – Blood for Blood > Executioner

Level 20 – Nexus Frenzy / Bolt of the Storm

Common build-path for insane amounts of single target damage: Rancor – Manticore – Searing Attacks – Strafe – Giant Killer – Blood for Blood – Nexus Frenzy. Picking the talents according to priority & adaptability for each game will grant you maximum success.

Good teammates to pair up with:

- Abathur ( his ult-copy can make you an even bigger threat );

- E.T.C. ( Mosh pit & Rain of Vengeance is the wombo-combo which can win any game if used properly );

- Uther ( lots of ways to keep you alive and allow you to do as much damage and be as careless as you want );



- Chen ( insanely tanky and annoying to deal with, especially if he took the barrel ult, can zone you off teamfights completely );

- Illidan ( the bane of every squishy, his insane amounts of mobility allows him to survive for a long time and kill squishies if not focused properly during the small window where he is vulnerable );

- Tyrael ( a very strong bruiser/tank who can stick to you and deny you the possibility to use your kit to maximum efficieny, an also easily kill you if you’re not kiting him properly )


            That is all for this mini-guide, I hope you enjoyed the read and can use some information from here. Good luck in the Nexus battles!



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