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Free Hots Giude for Tyrael – The Archangel of Justice

            Welcome to a mini Tyrael guide -  Written by Scairtin.
Author Note: Tyrael is one of my personal favorite heroes to play, he is my go-to hero if I to play a bruiser, a tank or a hybrid tank with some damage.


            Tyrael - The many faced Archangel. I would like to introduce to you a melee Hero, who specializes in initiating, tanking, doing a lot of damage and using his high movement speed to get in a fight or get out of a fight quickly. He can isolate certain targets and create an unpassable zone with his sword, which makes him an amazing pick for an aggresive team composition. Due to his utility from his second and third ability, a shield and a movement speed buff, he can also be played in the backline, to provide good peels for your majoy damage dealers, by giving them a pretty big shield and a lot of movement speed to run away from initiators or assasins, and then come back after they’ve been dealt with.


            Strong points:

- both his ultimates are one of the best in the game;

- great laner;

- versatile talent builds ( can go offensive, defensive or utility );

- phenomenal mobility.


            Weak points:

- lower damage compared to other Warriors;

- has mana problems, because of the high costs for his abilities;

- using his initiator ult properly requires some sort of coordination with your team;

- fits only in a certain amount of compositions, most of them being pretty aggressive.



            Abilities overview:

1) Passive ( Archangel’s Wrath ) – after you die, you become invulnerable for 3.5 seconds as a copy of your former self. You can move around for this period of time. When 3.5 seconds expire, you’re going to explode for a big amount of AoE damage. You cannot use abilities or attack anyone during the duration of this effect. You can move through impassable terrain during this time, so don’t be afraid to try to go through a wall to chase a low-health opponent down.

2) Q ( El’Druin’s Might ) – Tyrael throws his sword, damaging enemies in a target area and slowing them. For the next 6 seconds, the ability can reactivated, which will teleport Tyrael to the sword’s location and slow nearby enemies. It’s a great gap-closer, which allows Tyrael to move swiftly around the map, by avoiding obstacles. It can be used offensively to chase down enemies, initiate a teamfight or defensively to get out of a dangerous area. It’s a versatile ability and you need to make sure to not wait until the last second to reactivate it, or you might get crowd-controled and you’ll lose the ability to teleport until the ability is up again.

3) W ( Righteousness ) – Tyrael shields himself and nearby allies ( including minions ) for a small period of time. Straightforward shield, doesn’t require much thought behind it. During the early phase, you should use it if you anticipate your enemy to use a certain ability to give your minions more “effective health” and help them survive the damage the enemy heroes are doing. The ability can be furtherly upgraded with talents to grant you a healing over time effect or to slow enemies and their attack speed who attack you during the duration of the shield.

4) E ( Smite ) – Tyrael will unleash an arc-shaped skillshot close to his current ocation, which will increase the movement speed of all allied heroes and minions by 25% for 2 seconds.  It can be used both offensively and defensively, if you need to chase someone done, just use it near your allies to speed them up, if you need to disengage, just use it where your allies are running towards to to increase their movement speed aswell. This is the bread and butter laning abiity, because the mana cost is not that big as Q, it deals more damage and allows you to land catch up to enemies for some early autoattacks and run before they get time to reply.

5.1) R ( Judgement ) – Tyrael will charge at his target, while dealing a bit of damage and stunning the target on impact for 1.5 seconds. Neary enemies are knocked away and take less damage than the core target. This ability is an amazing initiator because it allows you to charge from fog of war and unleash justice upon your foes. It has a small activation timer, so you need to keep that in mind, because If you cast it at max range and the target runs out of the area, it might be canceled. Some heroes who have a blink in their kit can also dodge the impact, so you need to make sure which target you’re going to ult, to make sure it’s not going to be wasted and bait your team into a bad teamfight.

5.2) R ( Sanctification ) – After 0.5 seconds, Tyrael will create a circle which will make all allies standing in it invulnerable for 3 seconds. It can solely win you a teamfight if used properly. It should be taken over Judgement if your team has some sort of assasins who require very good protection from the allies to unleash their full potential or if the enemy are running a combo style composition, which rellies on stacking up certain abilities in an enclosed area.


tyrael png.png


Talent build: ( if certain talents aren’t mentioned, it means they’re bad and no point in picking them )

Level 1 – Regeneration Master / Purge Evil

Level 4 – Amplified Healing / Swift Retribution > Horadric Reforging

Level 7 – Angel’s Grace / Zealotry

Level 10 – Judgement / Sanctification

Level 13 – Angelic Absorbtion / Imposing Will > Burning Rage

Level 16 – Holy Ground / Salvation > Blood for Blood

Level 20 – Angel of Justice / Hardened Shield > Nexus Blades


Common build-path for maximum tankiness: Regeneration Master – Regeneration Master – Zealotry – Sanctification – Angelic Absorbtion – Holy Ground – Hardened Shield. Picking the talents according to priority & adaptability for each game will grant you maximum success.


Common build-path for bruiser ( high damage and high mobility ): Purge Evil – Swift Retribution – Angel’s Grace – Judgement – Buring Rage – Blood for Blood – Nexus Blades.



Teammates to pair up with for fun combos:

- Jaina ( she can unleash her full combo while people are stunned and knockbacked during your Judgement and deal tons of damage, while she will be left unpunished for walking to close to the enemies );

- Illidan ( while Tyrael will draw the attention of the enemies by slowing them, creating impassable zones, Illidan can catch up and clean up fights easily, while also being able to be protected by your Sanctification ultimate );

- Uther ( usually supports cannot catch up after you use Judgement, but since Uther is very tanky and usually close to the frontline, this won’t be a problem, on top of that he has a second source of Invulnerability, which coupled with your Invulnerability ult can make your damage dealers go bonkers and win the game alone with so much protection );


Counters (keep in mind these are not hard counters, but rather heroes who can make your life a little more difficult):

- Brightwing ( she can use Polymorph after you engage, which will make you very vulnerable and if she took the talent which makes you take increase damage, you can get deleted before you get out of the Polymorph );

- Tasadar ( he has a fantastic way of clearing the waves with his AoE ability and he has an amazing escape, which makes him insanely hard to counter. Your laning phase against him will prove to be difficult, but all you need to do is soak up experience and scale );

- Zeratul ( he can bait you into a teamfight, then use his Void Prison to stun everyone and then possibly turn the tides of the battle, you need to extremely cautious when engaging agaist a team with Zeratul on their side )


That is all for this mini-guide, I hope you enjoyed the read! Feel free to leave a comment with which hero you would like to see featured in our mini-guides next. Good luck in the Nexus battles!



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