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NOTE :You are purchasing net wins, this means if you buy 10 wins and your booster loses 5 games, he will give you 15 wins so that you will receive 10 wins more than losses.

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NOTE :8/10 wins guaranteed!* With the biggest client and booster base HotsBoosters.com provides you with the absolute best placement games results for a great start to your season! Read more below under Placement Boosting!

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Struggling to climb the ranks? Looking for a professional website to get a HotS boost? Here at HotSBoosters.com we provide the highest quality service for all of your HotS boosting needs. We will help you climb the ladder and get you to the rank you deserve! Open for boosts on all servers. 


HotsBoosters.com is the #1 hots boosting service worldwide. We have a whole network of websites in the eSports Industry and have been providing services in games like WoW, LoL, CS:GO and Dota for years! We know exactly what our clients are looking for: A safe, professional service that provides unlimited support and always puts the client first. That is exactly what you will get with us.


In 2015 we decided to expand to HotS boosting because of how efficient we have been in other games and would like to let the Heroes of the Storm community get a chance to experience the professionalism and safety our website offers. Heroes of the Storm has the potential to be the biggest and best MOBA out there, and Blizzard are doing a fantastic job in creating a phenomenal game. HotSBoosters.com will provide you with exceptionally high quality boosters who guarantee safety, efficiency and friendliness in all your HotS rank boost needs.

  • Anonymity is guaranteed.  HotsBoosters will always provide you with the absolute safest services on the market. In all our years of boosting we have learned that safety and anonymity must always be the number 1 priority.  During your Hots rank boost we will be completely anonymous and not reply to any of your friends (unless instructed by you), the only talking will be to choose roles or call strategies ingame.
  • Safety first - Always. When purchasing a Heroes of the Storm rank boost the most important thing for our clients and us is your accounts safety. Here at HotSBoosters we provide the gold standard of safety. We always use a custom VPN that changes our IP and makes the boost 100% anonymous, and the best part it, the boost cannot be traced back to us! We also have a myriad of other, secret safety procedures in place that none of our competitors know of. Take advantage of our decades of experience and choose us – the absolute safest hots boosting company in the world.
  • Quality ensured.  Quality is a guarantee when purchasing a Hots Boost with HotSBoosters.com – We only hire high tier players that are at the top of the leaderboards! We want to ensure you are receiving the very best service possible and so that you can learn by watching some of the best players on the planet while they boost your account. We provide very fast, efficient and a smooth boosting experience.
  • All the tools you need to succeed.  With HotsBoosters you will find that we have a top of the range client dashboard with all the tools you could possible need. You can view your progress at any time on the website, track previous and new orders and much more, including viewing store credit, setting up new orders and rate your experience with each service and booster provded! We also provide 2 different messaging systems so that you can contact your booster and at any time in case you have specific times you’d like us to play your Heroes of the Storm rank boost.
  • Spectating and learn. We encourage you to learn from your Hots rank boost and spectating is a great way to do that. Not only can you learn skill build paths, you can also watch the different play styles we use to adapt to each game! By spectating your hots boosters you will be better prepared to play at a higher rank when your boost has been completed.
  • Pause and Resume your order. With HotsBoosters.com you can pause and resume your order whenever you want. If you feel like playing some Heroes of the Storm during your boost simply pause your order. When you want the booster to continue your order again, all you have to do is click the resume button. You can also ask him to play at specific times if you want to play with friends.We are here to cater for you!


Step one

First you will need to decide which type of boost you require. We offer a few different services, such as Placement Games which you should purchase if you are still unranked in the current season, Rank Boosting for getting a specific rank - you pick which rank you want us to reach and we’ll get you there in no time. We also offer Win Boosting perfect for those who just wants a couple of net wins or want to increase their match making rating.

Step two

Decide on a currency and click the Purchase button. Keep in mind the currency doesn’t matter, as PayPal will automatically convert the currency into the one you are using – this is done at no additional cost to you!


Step three

From there you will be directed to the signup page where you will need to input your details so that we can boost your account for you! You will need to input your Battle.net details so that we can get your boost started. Your details are saved on a secure server and only the booster you are assigned has access to them


Step four

Now that your website account is setup, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment. PayPal allows you to pay via eCheck, using credit or debit cards, using your PayPal balance as well as a several other options. Please note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase with us, it is simply the payment portal we use due to its extreme focus on safety.


Final step

Once payment has been made, you can sit back and relax, you will be redirected to our client dashboard where you can view your order and start chatting to your booster once the order has been assigned!


Once your payment has cleared, your order will be immediately available to our professional boosters and your order will normally start within an hour of your purchase.

Once your order has been assigned, you will be notified on the website. You will then be able to communicate with him and watch your boost. Your match history will be displayed on your order so you can track it via your dashboard.

HotSBoosters only hires the best boosters available for your hots rank boosting! They are players that are visible on the top of the leaderboards, showing their proficiency and skill. There is no boost we cannot complete for you and it is worth noting our boosters generally occupy the top 10 slots on the ladder.

We also offer a rating system once your order is complete, you can fill it in and let us know what you think of the service, we appreciate any notes you have as we want to improve the website to be as perfect as possible!