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More Coaches coming soon - Some of our best LoL Coaches are getting their Hots accounts to Grandmaster before they are listed here!

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The different types of Heroes of the Storm coaching

Individual Lessons

If you want to learn how to play Heroes of the Storm or improve your gameplay and climb the ladder then this is a great option for you. Find a coach that suits you, select the amount of hours you want and click purchase. The type of coaching we sell the most is called individual lessons and your coach will cater for your specific needs. The coaches have profiles setup that will explain what they are best at doing. Each coach has their main heroes displayed, and the roles that they are most proficient on. Individual Lessons will allow the Heroes of the Storm coach to target your weaknesses specifically and help instruct you on how to improve your gameplay. We also provide in depth analysis and can cater for your needs if you have something specific in mind that you would like to learn. If you’d like to learn something that is related to a specific ingame mechanic, all you need to do is let your coach know and he will take care of it. Remember, our coaches have an incredible amounts of game knowledge and will be able to assist you in learning how to play Heroes of the Storm to the best of your ability. We have helped several individuals reach professional play in other games, and we are now offering these services in Hots.


  • Heroes.  Each Heroes of the Storm coach has displayed their top 4 heroes for your benefit. If you’d like to learn a hero specifically, we can cater for you as all of our coaches are incredibly talented in the heroes that they are displaying, as well as many of the ones they did not have room to showcase.
  • Languages. We provide Heroes of the Storm coaching in a variety of for you to get your coaching in the easiest manner possible. Select the coach with a language you are comfortable with.
  • Scheduling. When it comes to flexibility with Hots Coaching you’ve come to the right place! Our coaches are extremely flexible and will adapt to the times that you set up for them to make this as easy as possible for our clients.
  • Improve in a timely manner. Heroes of the Storm coaching is designed specifically to help you as a player to improve your gameplay, technique, mindset and game knowledge. We want to teach you to raise your own rank and become more knowledgeable about the game. Learning how to adapt in every situation is key to becoming a professional player.



  • HotS Coaching for teams or friends learning together. Team coaching is designed for a broader approach. Here a coach will help teach you and your team (you can also go in as a group of friends). This type of coaching will focus on aspects such as teamwork, macro play, how to effectively take objectives and win games on the whole. Your Heroes of the Storm coach will do analysis for your group and find the best ways possible for you to improve and become a better team so you can improve your rank. We also offer team coaching on a professional level for those wanting to go pro.
  • Amazing progress – What are you waiting for? We want to help you dominate your games, and if you and your friends want to learn how to destroy in ranked play this is for you. Hots team Coaching aims to improve you on the whole so that you can thrive in each and every game. Improvement is guaranteed and happens in leaps and bounds when you buy coaching from us. Both individual and team coaching will help you in all aspects of the games and if you want to start the climb to a higher rank then it’s time to get some Heroes of the Storm Coaching from HotsBoosters.com