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Guides are coming soon – All our guides are extremely in depth and are written by professional players who have reached the highest ranking in BOTH Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends – they started as guide writers with our other company, lolboost.net, and after they reached grandmaster on Hots they were invited to use their insane knowledge to write guides here. Each guide takes about one month to create and includes text, videos and images to help underline everything in the video.

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The power of Dehaka

By : Beth   Posted : Mar 28, 2016 

Learn how to climb to Rank 1 with Dehaka.



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Heroes Of the Storm Builds, Mechanics and Gameplay

Ordering one of HotsBoosters’ premium guides is approximately the equivalent of having a Rank 1 or Grandmaster coach you for ~1-5 hours, depending on the length of the guide.

All of our guides are created by some of the world’s very best players. They are priced depending on length, amount of videos and how in depth they take you. We have had players in the past who have gone up as many as 17 ranks by just buying one of our guides and applying what he learned when he is played. All our guides are community rated and are carefully combed thorugh before being published. Hots Guide writers has to adhere to strict guidelines and quality control before the guide is offered up for sale, and most guides are created over the period of several weeks. In depth videos are included in most guides and we are proud to say anyone, regardless of their rank, will learn from reading our guides. The best part is when you buy one of our guides you keep it forever, and when the Heroes of the Storm guide writer adds videos, updates the guide or changes it due to meta changes, you automatically see the latest update on your client dashboard, meaning the guide can be used for life and new content will continuously be given you.

New guides will be releases as often as possible until there is a Hots guide on every single hero and all the topics we can think of. Each hero guide will contain details on which heroes of the storm build is best for your specific champion. If there is a guide we are missing that you want, you can contact an admin and have them tailor a guide to suit your needs!

As soon as your payment has been processed (generally within 2 minutes) your Heroes of the Storm Guide will be available on your client dashboard. You just click view guide and you will be able to see the guide to its fullest extend, including watching all the videos, directly from your dashboard. Please don’t forget to leave feedback when you are finished so that other people can benefit from your experience!