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HotsBoosters have years of experience in the boosting industry. We started over a decade ago in games like World of Warcraft, Dota 1 and various FPS games. Today we own a huge network of gaming websites where we offer a myriad of different services in all the popular games, including League of Legends, CS:GO, Hots, WoW and a couple of others.

Choosing us over our competitors means choosing quality, safety and professionalism. We will always put you, as a client, first, and we strive to always satisfy our clients in every way possible. Our boosters are handpicked, our support staff undergo months of training and our website is state of the art. There are many reason why you should choose us, so let us share some of them with you:

Account Safety
The most important detail of any online service is safety. All our boosters will use a VPN when playing on your account, making the boost untraceable to anyone and providing you with an added layer of security that most websites sorely miss. Your account details are stored on a secure server and only shared with the ONE booster who will be boosting your account. In all of years of service we have NEVER had any problems with a client's account. Your heroes of the storm boosting order will be completely anonymous. Your booster will not talk to anyone on your account, ignore any friends who message you or send them a pre-set message determined by you, and they will only communicate with their teammates when necessary for the game. You never have to worry when you place your account in our hands, we will make sure the experience is smooth, safe and, above all else, up to your standards as a client. 

Quality Boosters
All of the Heroes of the Storm boosters working with us are near the top of the leaderboards. We only employ the best of the best to give you a boost of incomparable quality when purchasing a boost to raise your rank and your Hots MMR. They undergo extensive trials and have to adhere to a set of very strict rules to be able to work with us. Due to the nature of our business, our years of experience and extensive knowledge in running this kind of business, we have collected thousands of contacts in the gaming industry and are able to afford to be extremely picky when choosing our boosters, going so far as to hire professional players from competitive teams and e-sport organizations. Our boosters employ the best strategies in game, are quick to boost and will answer your questions and give great service during your heroes of the storm boost with us!

Affordable Prices
We always try our best to make our prices as low as possible while being able to maintain the best boosters in the world on staff. While keeping our prices low, we strive to provide you with the kind of quality our brand is renowned for. While some websites may have slightly lower prices, the old adage of: "You get what you pay for" could not be more true. No one else will offer you the kind of safety, protection and professionalism we offer here at HotsBoosters.com. We are always available with customer support, both via email and skype, and we will take care of our clients in the best possible way. 





More about us

HotSBoosters are professionals in the world of boosting, we have a huge wealth of experience when it comes to esports services. We do our best to provide you with a new and exciting feel when using online gaming services and we want you to truly enjoy your experience with our services, all created to help you raise your Heroes of the Storm MMR and climb the competitive ladder. We offer boosting, coaching, guides and vods.


When you sign up with us you will get access to a specialized dashboard where you can check up on your order progress at any time. The website automatically updates all your purchases so that you can view your current win/loss ratio on your orders, see which champions were played, communicate with your booster or coach and view your guides and vods. We provide both private messaging as well as a live chat service so you can keep up to date on all your orders and check your Hots mmr and rank.

Once you purchase a boosting order you will be assigned the best possible Heroes of the Storm booster to your account. He will login to your account and boost you to the rank you have selected. Heroes of the Storm rank boosting is still fairly new as the game is still young, but we want you to know your account is in good hands. We use the most advance safety measures when boosting your account and we always use a VPN.


Heroes of the Storm MMR boosting is somewhat of a necessity for the gaming community. The sheer amount of teamwork required in Heroes of the Storm ranked play will ensure that at some point or another, you will likely get stuck due to teammates lack of synergy. We are there to fill that void with your Heroes of the Storm boost. We find players that are able to synergize in any situation to help raise your rank, as well as climb with their immense amount of skill.

At HotSBoosters you are able to request a Heroes of the Storm booster if you liked someone you previously used on your HotS boost. We will always aim to deliver superior quality services, better than anything else available. We want you to be happy and welcome our clients back for additional services or more boosting if you get stuck in any rank in the future. When you think of Heroes of the Storm rank boost, you must think HotSBoosters.com!

You are welcome to contact us at any time, any day. We reply within 24 hours and always answer your questions! If you want to know more about our Heroes of the Storm boost services or anything else, dont hesitate to contact us. You will always be met with friendly staff, your account will remain safe and intact. Once your order has been completed your rank will have risen, and you will likely end up being a better player by the end of it all. HotSBoosters.com is the boiling pot of quality service at its finest for affordable prices. We hope to see you soon!